The Same River Twice
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Director's Filmography

The Same River Twice (2003)
Explores the onset of adulthood for a group of former river guides featured in Riverdogs, filmed twenty years earlier (see below). First you’re naked and then you’re middle-aged. Producer/director/camera, non-fiction, 16mm and digital video, color, 78 min.

Lessons From Thin Air (1997)
Explores problems of learning and teaching science. Made for the Smithsonian Institution. Director/camera/editor, beta 58 min. Nationwide Public Television broadcast Oct. ‘97

The Tourist (1991)
A filmed meditation on fertility, futility, and documentary filmmaking. Shot in Belize, Death Valley, Ethiopia, Japan, Hungary, Liberia, Nicaragua, Texas, St. Martin. Producer/director /camera/editor/writer, non-fiction, 16mm, color, 58 min. Premier: The Telluride Film Festival

What’s It Like Here? (1989)
“Conversations” with individuals from a variety of habitats, from tundra to rain forest. Field producer/director/camera. New England Technology Group. Interactive video disc shot on 16mm On permanent exhibition at the St. Louis Zoo

A Day On Three Oyster Boats (1988)
Visual essay about oyster farming the Long Island Sound. Producer/director camera/writer, New England Technology Group. On permanent exhibition at the Norwalk Maritime Museum

Africa Revisited (1983)
Explores the racial tension in a group of black and white Americans living in a West African village. Filmed in The Gambia. Producer/director/camera/editor, 16mm, color, 53 min. Premier: WNET’s Independent Focus

Riverdogs (1982)
Dreamy 280 mile Colorado River trip signifying the end of the filmmaker’s greatly extended adolescence, shot in Northwest Arizona. Producer/director/camera/editor, 16mm, color, 30 min. Premier: The Moab Film Festival

Absence (1981)
Observations of time passing in childhood neighborhood, shot in Los Angeles. Producer/director/camera/editor, 16mm, color, 30 min. Premier: The Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, CA


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