The Same River Twice
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The Same River Twice
a film by Robb Moss


DAILY NEWS: New Docs Debut in New York
by Eugene Hernandez and Brian Brooks/indieWIRE

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Another non-fiction film on display at this year's market was Robb Moss's first-rate personal documentary "The Same River Twice." The film, which screened as a work-in-progress at the Newport Film Festival in June, is a heartfelt portrait of Moss' good friends from the freewheeling 70s, all of whom were also the subjects of his 1978 film "River Dogs." In that film, Moss and his buddies a group of well-educated, leftist 20-somethings took a kayak trip through the Grand Canyon, usually choosing to eat, paddle, and hike while completely in the buff. When Moss returns, some 25 years later, to catch-up with a few of his old friends, we learn how the time, and the process of aging, has impacted their lives. In the process, Moss creates an astonishing, multi-layered group portrait of unsettling beauty and pathos.

If the response from the small audience at the Angelika was any indication, "The Same River Twice" should make an impressive run on the festival circuit next year.

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